Welcome to OSK188 INDONESIA
188OMS-ID New Release (version 2.3.6)  Released on 04 June 2012, 17.00 pm (Online Trading is available now)      

Please install the latest version of 188OMS to get the latest functionality available.
(Please note : You must install the latest version to access 188OMS)

(1) Minimum Requirements
(2) Installation Guides & Connection Setting
(a) Download the latest application via      (4MB)
(b) Save the file into your desktop
(c) 188OMS-ID .exe file will appear at your desktop. Click on the .exe file to start the installation.
(d) Once completed, the 188 ID icon will appear at your desktop. Click on the icon to start the application.
  * 188OMS is running on java 1.6 & above, click HERE to download the latest Java.
Proxy Setting
(This setting is applicable to user whose connection is through proxy server.)
You may configure the Proxy Server via 188OMS-Login Page
a.  From the Login page, click Proxy Settings.
b.  Enter your proxy server name or IP into HTTP Host field.
c.  Enter your proxy server port number into HTTP Port field.
d.  Click Apply to save and apply the settings.
e.  Remember to tick on Proxy Setting in Login page.