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  188OMS - The realtime investment tool

188OMS features quality financial information on the Internet that includes sound investment ideas, unbiased analyst research, precise and up-to-date market data, powerful financial tools that you can use to make the right investment choices... all within a click away at anytime anywhere.

Features Includes:

1. Realtime Equities data
(a) Realtime streaming quotes for timely Bursa Stock Price information
(b) Intraday time & sales and trade-summary matrix to track every trade.
(c) Intraday queue data to track first-level buy/sell queue changes.
(d) Online Trading

2. Intraday & EOD Technical Charting, 188Chart
(a) 188Chart comprises of both the intraday (1min, 5min, 15min, 30min & 60min) and end of day (daily, weekly & yearly) data. We provide up to 10 years historical data.
(b) There are more than 27 indicators in 188Chart, which includes latest indicators like DMI, ADX & Parabolic SAR ... and also those commonly use indicators like moving average, bollinger band, RSI, Fast/Slow Stochastic & more.
(c) The multiple tab features allow you to plot stock, indices or KLCI/CPO futures in different tabs; and the switching from one tab to another is just a click away.
(d) The performance chart allows you to track/compare a stock performance against the sector indices or stock within the same sector.
(e) The realtime bid/offers allow you to view the current buy sell queues.
(f) Intraday queue data to track first-level buy/sell queue changes.



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